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Post #11562 by grandpaz on September 24th 2017, 4:31 PM (in topic “All of my stuff”)


All of my stuff

I need to get rid of all of my modeling stuff. I am Open for most any kind of offer. I have 2 control line planes,2 powered RC planes and one RC glider.
These are all flyable now. Plus I have a bunch of other modeling stuff.
I am getting old and having enough physical problems that I need to get rid of "Things".
If you have any interest in any of my things, give me a call.
Jim Zimmerle
(970) 921-3840

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Post #11562

Post #11361 by grandpaz on May 20th 2017, 5:10 PM (in topic “SOLD Free Tiger 60”)


SOLD Free Tiger 60:

Hi everyone!
It would seem that I am starting to show my age and maybe it is time that I get out of this game of model aircraft that I have been involved in off and on since around seventh grade. As a result, I am putting my model stuff up for sale.
It seem that I am a keeper of things. As a result still have the boxes, plans and scraps left over from planes that I have, including 2 control line planes, a Junior Nobler and a Ringmaster JR., A Gentle Lady glider, A Kadet Seniorita and a Senior Falcon RC planes. These are all in flyable condition and have all been flown at our field at some time. I have almost  a Gallon of RC fuel.
The radio equipment is all old 50 meg stuff.  I know, the new stuff is better but it still works for me and I have it. I have a "Jim Walker U-Reely" control line handle still with old lines on it that I use. I know, you are not supposed to use that old stuff any more, but it has been working for the little bit of flying that I have done.
I also have a little small electric stuff.
I have a stack of Model Aircraft magazines dating back to 1996 or so, along with a few other magazines.
I am now 86 years old and am starting to show my age and having a little problem with unsteadiness and dizziness so don't get around as well as I used to  
 If you or anyone you know has any interest in any or all of this stuff, give me a call at  (970)921-3840.
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Post #11361

Post #10845 by grandpaz on October 14th 2016, 6:54 PM (in topic “Crawford Airport/Oktoberfest Fly In”)


Crawford Airport/Oktoberfest Fly In:

Even though it is a long drive for me, I will try and be there. I haven't flown for quite a while, but I'll bring a plane or two. All of my stuff is still on 72mhz.
Jim Z.
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Post #10845

Post #10336 by grandpaz on May 3rd 2016, 1:38 PM (in topic “For Sale: three rudder, elevator 2 meter sailplanes”)


For Sale: three rudder, elevator 2 meter sailplanes:

I have a Jr. Ringmaster with I think is a Mccoy 19, that I built for my wife probably ten or more years ago.  The engine does not have a muffler on it and has only been run a few times. She never flew it, but I flew it a few times.
I had it out there to our field probably a year ago and flew it a couple of times.
It has been so long since I flew control line that I got dizzy real quick.
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Post #10336

Post #9990 by grandpaz on February 15th 2016, 5:44 PM (in topic “Hanger 9 1/4 scale Tiger Moth.”)


Hanger 9 1/4 scale Tiger Moth.:

Looks pretty neat to me.
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Post #9990

Post #9917 by grandpaz on January 20th 2016, 1:47 PM (in topic “Snowflake wind up, rubber powered indoor/outdoor flyer tutorial.”)


Snowflake wind up, rubber powered indoor/outdoor flyer tutorial.:

Thanks for the vote of confidence guys, but I tend to just put stuff together with things that I have on hand. I seldom go into all of the details that it takes to make a really good flyer. I just have my own variety of fun.
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Post #9917

Post #9662 by grandpaz on November 3rd 2015, 5:25 PM (in topic “Anyone remember Paul K. Guillows models?”)


Anyone remember Paul K. Guillows models?:

Some of my first model planes were Quillows rubber powered models.  If I remember right, the kit cost 10 cents and a tube of glue cost 5 cents. I had no idea what I was doing but I managed to get one to taxi a few feet, and even got one to take off and fly for about a foot or so.  At the time I felt that to be a succsess.  Then due to the war they could not get balsa wood so they started useing cardboard for the formers. I built one of those with about a 6 inch wingspan. I think that kit cost 5 cents. The prop blades were made of cardstock glued into a short cardboard tube.
I think that at that time I had only seen 2 or 3 completed model airplanes, and only seen 1 fly and that quite a distance away. The good old days?
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Post #9662

Post #9603 by grandpaz on October 15th 2015, 10:37 PM (in topic “October meeting”)


October meeting:

I don't know where to put this  so I will put it here.
I took the pictures of Don Geddes's and Darrel McKay's full scale airplane fly-by on Partner's day, that were given to me at the last meeting, up to Don Geddes. Darrel was not at the Crawford airport at that time, so I gave his to Don who said he would see that Darrel got his picture.
 Don commented that these were very good pictures.  He said this was probably the best that he had seen of him in his Minnie Plane. Whoever took these did a great job.
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Post #9603

Post #9549 by grandpaz on September 17th 2015, 4:58 PM (in topic “New Website...”)


New Website...:

I had a hard time getting logged in. It would not take my password. Finally did after several tries with the temporary password, I got things to work and were able to get my password to work.
It is going to take some time to get used to this.
Thanks to all of your work, Arbo.
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Post #9549

Post #9524 by grandpaz on September 8th 2015, 11:56 AM (in topic “September Meeting”)


September Meeting

To whoever is in charge of this, Please give us some specific information. What time, what place, what to bring, what to do and any other information that we need? So far, this seems to be a big guessing game. I can be there on Saturday but not on Sunday.

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Post #9524

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