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Grand Junction Modeleers and Hobby Hut


Take a look at the Region 9 report in the back of the last issue of Model Aviation. Hobby Hut was awarded $1,000 from AMA for signing up members, and our regional VP actually came to the western slope to give them the check. He also spent some time at the Modeleers field. It looks like the GJ club has turned themselves around and they are doing some things for the community again, and sponsoring some activities, including a drone race this year. Something I'd suggested for us a while back. Maybe at the county fair next year? Think on that one folks. 

Anyway, take a few minutes to read the Region 9 report this month. MMAA has not been in Model Aviation since 2004. We'vent information to the regional VP (not just the current one) about the Partners event, but never had anything put in the magazine. It frustrated me to no end. 

We did get a mention in the Soaring column from Dave Garwood when we were sponsoring the Western Colorado Slope Challenge. That was about 2007 or so. Anyhow, we're overdue for some attention in the magazine. 

Thermals---I need thermals!
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