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After the rains, the field is dry!


Folks, even after all the rain we had, conditions out at the field are good. The access road is dry, but the soil has gotten very soft, so you'll sink in a bit, but not to worry you won't get stuck. If you are in a sedan or other strictly highway vehicle, just keep your speed up going up the hill . The only wet spot was one location on our road, but the center was dry enough that it presents no problem for access. The runway is dry and in good shape. 

If there had not been the one wet spot on our road, I'd have taken the roller out and rolled the main road. Next trip out I guess. 

The weeds on the runway that we've sprayed before somehow are still doing fine, but not yet high enough to warrant firing up the mower.  If someone could take the time to spray the runway weeds it'd sure be appreciated. 

Happy flying.

Thermals---I need thermals!
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