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Board meeting minutes


We had a quick board member meeting Monday; Andrew, Don and Gary were present. I'm posting it on the front page in hopes that more people will see it if I don't bury it in the members only section. Here's what we discussed:
1. Jim's idea for a FPV event at the field. Everyone agrees this is a great idea for a future event. At present we don't have any members (that we are aware of) who have experience with this type of flying. If anybody knows someone who can introduce us to this type of activity please speak up.

2. Christmas party; Do we want to have one? If so we could have a gathering at a restaurant or some such venue or possibly just have a fun fly type of event at the field. Let us know what you think by posting on the site or coming to the next membership meeting.

3. The Chili fly, or Chilly fly if you prefer,  is just around the corner. With Carl and Cliff no longer with us we need to make plans for food and a place to thaw out cold fingers and toes such as a trailer with a heater or a camper if somebody has one. Given the spring like weather we have been experiencing we could luck out and be flying in T shirts and shorts.

4. New members; We discussed the need to streamline the process of getting new members approved, AMA verification etc. and ensuring they have the gate code and membership card in a timely fashion. New members are hard to come by and we want them to feel welcome and appreciated. Also, we feel it may be time to change the gate combination to ensure that current paid members are the only ones to have access to the field. We don't feel a lot of people are using the field without being current but It's only fair to the folks that are paid up. Also, with the recent vandalism we need to keep better tabs on who has access. We plan to do this at the first of the year and notify the membership with phone calls and including the new code on the membership cards.

If you have questions, comments or opinions to share please speak up and let us know by posting on the web site, coming to the meetings if you can make it or contacting one of you board members. Your input is essential!
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