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Hanger 9 1/4 scale Tiger Moth for Sale.


Hanger 9 1/4 scale Tiger Moth for sale. It comes with everything. Reduced price. It has an AXI 5330/18 motor with 3 props. 2-5cell, 5000mah Lipo battery packs. 1- 4200mah receiver battery pack. Everything is stock and the electric motor installation was designed to allow a gasoline engine to be installed if desired. The servos are Hitec metal digitals for the ailerons and JR 8411 digitals for the rudder and elevators. The props are 2- 20x10 APC electric and 1-20x13 APC electric and one Falcon 20x10 scale Sensenich wood propeller. It flies great. Very nice and stable. Very slow landing speed.
Asking $1000.00 for the whole package. Please E-mail me at for further information.


Onward and Upward.
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