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Monthly Meeting


Our Monthly Meeting will be held on the second Monday of each month at 7 PM at the Warrior's Resource Center in Montrose. 

That makes 7/10 our next meeting. 
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That's tomorrow night at 19:00 hours or 7:00PM at the Warrior Resource Center at
11 South Park Ave
Montrose Colorado 81401

Everyone is invited. Please come.

Onward and Upward.
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July membership meeting minutes:

1. As discussed earlier the gate code will be changed August 1, 2017. We will call and email all our current paid members to reveal the new combination. Please make contact with any of the board members or post here if your contact info needs updated or if you need to renew your membership to receive the combo. In the future the combination will be changed once a year at renewal time.

2. Folks are continuing to leave the gate unlocked. Please be sure you scramble the tumblers and ensure its latched. Vandalism and theft continues to be a huge problem for us and leaving the gate open/unlocked is an open invitation. Also, please don't drag the lock in the dirt!

3. We are planning a fun fly August 12. Randy is in charge of planning some new activities. He has some great new ideas that promise to be a good time.

4.The Christmas party is tentatively set for Dec. 2. As in the past it will be a potlatch type affair. Members and their families are invited. More on this later.

5. We will now only be accepting membership renewals through the P.O. box, PayPal or paid directly to Terry. There will be a small additional fee if using PayPal to cover the fees they charge.

6. Don Dubie has stepped down as treasurer and Terry was voted in to take his place.

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Our meeting will be at 7 PM on 8/14 at the WRC in Montrose. See you there! Don't forget to bring a friend (or two)!!
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