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Plans, tools, databases, modeling supplies, etc.

Sources for free plans, tools, and other modeling supplies.
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UIUC Airfoil Coordinates Database An incredibly complete listing of airfoils, including .dat files, GIF files for each airfoil, and additional links to tons of helpful information about specific airfoils and airfoils in general. There links to .dxf files for those CAD users reading this. Even if you don't plan to design your own wings, there is a wealth of information presented here including a good bit of material from Professor Michael Selig. 
The Outerzone A source for free plans of all types, FF, UC, and RC. All plans have been published in the past. Some are for models that were manufactured at one time like the Sig 29er, Wanderer sailplane, Lil Jumping Bean control line stunter, etc. All plans are downloadable and of good quality. A good browse for anyone. 
Airfoil Tools Airfoil search, airfoil plotter, airfoil comparison, airfoil generators, lift/drag polars, and Reynolds number calculator.  You can even add your own airfoil into the system to make use of the tools present on this site. this site contains some of the data you can find on UIUC's airfoil site, but with a different kind of utility.  Lots to learn here, and to make direct use of if you are designing something of your own, or are simply wanting to know more about the airfoil on your latest acquisition.