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Last year the Longmont Electric Aircraft Flyers (LEAF) held our annual Wounded Warrior RC Fund Raiser to benefit our many wounded warriors.  Last year's event was a great success with LEAF raising more than $1,300 that was donated to our brave wounded warriors.  This was one of the largest donations from any RC club in the US, exceeding even the event at AMA headquarters in Muncie, ID.   LEAF is again this year holding our Wounded Warrior RC Fund Fly Raiser on August 13th, 2016 at our field in Longmont, CO.   This year it will be more exciting with our new aircraft field with open air flying and lots of parking spaces.  While you are at the event, check out our new separate heli and FPV racing field, which you can fly on while the event is going on .  We are trying to raise funds through a raffle donations, parking fees donations, general donations from attendees, and food sales to exceed last years donations. All money's raised will be donated to support our wounded warriors via the Disable Veterans (DAV).     This year we are planning three flying skill events that all pilots will have fun competing with other flyers from Colorado and surrounding states.  All planes must be electric to meet our city code restrictions, but no size limit.  Current AMA required to fly.  Those that don't fly, we will have a lot of guest viewing areas for you too.   We are planning a fun noon time show and plaques will be issued to winner of each event.  We are also having a BBQ lunch.  Lot's of Fun.   I have attached a flyer for the event.  Could you forward this to all your members.  Let's make this a great event and raise lot's of money for our most deserving wounded warriors.   If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.   Rick McCaskill LEAF President / Contest Director AMA District IX AVP 303-682-0440